This is a blog inspired by my husband’s family’s farm. We produce wood-fired maple syrup and maple sugar, and grass-fed beef, and I’ve recently started making candies and cookies.

I grew up in the city of Seattle and spent several years in the Bay Area before going to graduate school in Vermont, studying the organic dairy movement in Vermont. Throughout my life the major theme has been my love of food. From years of waiting tables and catering, to managing kitchens and learning about de-boning animals, to working on farms, I have developed a deep appreciation for where our food comes from and what we do with it. At it’s heart, this blog is my exploration of farms, food, and family.

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  1. bronwyndunne2014

    I spent Sunday afternoon watching the process of sugaring at your parent-in-laws, John and Carol’s farm and interviewing everyone for a book on small farms I’m writing. It was fascinating! I’ll be posting photos on facebook and my blog, inthekitchenwithbronwyn.com, soon. I’ve always loved the Reynolds Farm syrup because it’s so delicious. I’ll never enjoy it again without thinking of the complex and amazing process that turns sap into syrup!

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